Top 10 Ways to Work from Home and Earn Money from Home Computer

Top 10 Ways to Work from Home and Earn Money from Home Computer

People worldwide are looking for ways, ideas and tips to work from home and earn money from their home computer. Many of these people have some or the other source of income and want to make extra income by some real legitimate ways to make money from the internet. Some people don’t have any source of income and are looking for either- full-time or part-work work from home job and easy money and help their living.

The reality is that there are not too many real, legitimate and no-scam work from home jobs available that will actually pay for people’s work. 90% of so called “work from home jobs” advertised online or offline are actually scams. Some fraud people are looking to fool people and rob their hard-earned money. People around the world need to be extra careful with such scams. Jobs that are real and legitimate will never ask for any joining fee or money or credit card or bank details. All real and legitimate work from home jobs are always free.
 * Most companies pay through PayPal, so Open a PayPal Account.

How to Find if a Work from Home Job is Real & Legitimate and not any Scam or Fraud?
Work from Home Jobs
Well, the answer is very simple. Visit the related website and search for their contact details. Any real and legitimate company will can proper and real address and working telephone numbers. Most such websites even have a “forum” section where people can discuss on any topic. Also search for reviews of the company in Google and other search engines and read and learn feedback of other users of the website or the company. Was this hard?

Top 10 Ways to Work from Home and Earn Money from Home Computer  
  1. Write Articles for “Get Paid to Write” Websites: If you are good at writing, then website like,,,,,,,,, etc can help you earn money by writing articles. Some of these websites hire freelance writers and editors to work on projects and pay money on an average of $8.00 to $15.00 per article. Some other websites will display ads from Google Adsense and other online advertisement programs and affiliates and share the revenue with writes in a predefined ratio. Please go through Terms & Conditions section of these websites for detailed instructions or use of the websites, content and revenue / income.
  2. Start a Blog: You must have heard about blogs and blogging and and In the simplest terms, a blog is simplified website where you can write article and earn money by displaying ads from Google Adsense and other source of advertisements or even by selling your own products or products of others on a commission basis like eBay and Amazon. Website like, and are few to name blogging platforms where you can start a free blog start earning money.
  3. Design Graphics and Websites: If you are good at Photoshop and graphics designing or if you have knowledge of HTML and can design websites then you can make use of your skills and knowledge and make money from your home computer and internet connection. There are several real and legitimate companies that hire people with these skills and pay for their job. Different companies have different payment rules. Have a look at sites like and
  4. Share Your Knowledge and Expertise: If you are an expert in any subject like auto, law, medicine, diy home improvement, pet care etc then you have good opportunity to make money out of your knowledge and expertise. There are some legitimate websites that can pay money for your expertise. and are a couple of such websites. Justanswer can help you earn money for your expert answers while webanswers can help you earn money through Google Adsense.
  5. Take Online Paid Survey: Online paid surveys are great way to make some extra money from home. It is important to be extra careful before joining any survey company or website. It has to be remembered that all real and legitimate survey jobs are always free. Never pay any money to any survey company of website. Only 2% of so called companies are real and legitimate. 98% of them are scams and are trying to earn money through fraud means. Beware of such work from home scams. Some of the legitimate survey websites are,, These survey companies have their own terms of payment. Some of them pay in cash and other pay in the form of gifts and gift vouchers or even both.
  6. Surf & Earn: You must have heard that many people just surf the internet and make money. But is this really true? Can people really make money by just surfing the internet? Well, the answer is yes. There are search engines that pay you money for searching and exploring the web. Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, or Bing are not the ones that will pay you money for searching. is one such website that will pay you money for searching and exploring the internet. Just register, search, collect points and redeem your points for cash for gifts. Another such good website is iRazoo.Com.
  7. Online Customer Service Jobs: If you have a computer, telephone and internet connection at home then you can also make money through customer service jobs also known as virtual call center jobs where home-base people provide customer services and support and can earn money. Different virtual call center companies have different hiring process and pay scale. Some trustworthy companies are LiveOps, Alpine Access and Working Solutions.
  8. Make Money from your Skills: If you have specific skills like pet care, hair dresser, or diy home improvement etc and want to make money out of your skills then there as website that can help you. Online market place like Gig Dollars brings buyers and sellers together. This website offers its platform for small commission. You can join the websites and find people who need help with the kind of skills that you have. These help are called “Gigs”. Solutions for different gigs have different cost. If you can help someone with your skills then the help-seeker will pay some fixed amount to the website and the website will keep small part of the money as commission and will transfer the balance payment to your PayPal account. Overall, this is not a bad idea to make some extra money.
  9. Online Tasks: There are companies that pay for doing their specific tasks. Amazon Mechanical Turk and CloudCrowd are some companies where you can join and complete their given tasks and make money. These tasks include work like giving your opinion on specific products and services, answering questions etc. Most such work have to be completed in a specific time period ranging from few minutes to few hours. Payments may vary from task to task.
  10. Sell Products: There are websites that provide platform to sell your products and craft on their online stores and earn profit. You can sell anything ranging from handicraft to paintings, or almost any product. These websites offer such services in exchange for a nominal fee. Few such websites are Etsy, eBay, Jewelry Wonder, ArtFire.

Ways To Earn Money Online

So, what are the top 101 best ways to work from home and make money online from the internet?

Here I discuss the best 101 ways to make money online. All jobs mentioned below are real and legitimate and there is no scam. Anyone with a computer and internet connection and basic knowledge of computer and English can do these works and make money.

There is no age or gender bar. However, few of these jobs may want you to be above the age of 13 or 18 in order to join their program.

Read: 101Ways to Make Money Online on The Internet Review: Freelance Writing Job to Make Money Online, is an excellent freelance writing platform for bloggers and writers to publish their articles and make money online. It is an excellent work from home opportunity for those who are looking for real and legitimate ways to make money online.

Let me explain Triond in some more detail.

What is Triond?

Triond is a free to join service for freelance writers and bloggers to easily publish articles and pictures or content in any media format. Triond publishes all these content on a network of niche websites that increases the chances of wider audience and and earn more revenue.It is one of the best ways to make money online.

Why Triond? is for everyone - new writer, experienced freelancer, or a complete newbie, Triond is for everyone.

Benefits of writing at Triond include:
  • Share your knowledge, ideas, opinions and original work with a global audience
  • Increase the viewership of your original published content
  • Gain wider recognition for your creations
  • Receive feedback and insights from a community of fellow writers
  • Build a portfolio of your content
  • Earn revenue from your published content
  • The help of professionals with the knowledge and technology to distribute quality content of any type and to maximize its revenue-generating potential
  • A fun and global community of users who offer each other support, intelligence, and insights
  • An extensive help center of guidance and tips for success
How Triond Works
It's simple; you create, we publish, you earn.
  1. You create original and unique content in any format.
  2. Triond publishes your content on the most relevant website according to its topic.
  3. You get more recognition and more readership while building a portfolio and earning revenue.

What Kind of Content is Accepted at Triond

According to Triond website - "Whether you write, photograph, record or compose, you can submit your creation to Triond. We accept all original content on any topic, including written articles, pictures, audio, and video. No matter how you created it, we can publish it."

Join Triond

Unusual Ways to Make Money on The Internet

Online, Dotcom, E-Business, More and more people are beginning to get acquainted with these Internet terms. The Internet is a global marketplace, where you can grow your business to the whole world with a concept of a 24/7 online shop, crossing all boundaries, race and gender.

Here are some unusual ways to make money online on the internet.

Setting up Your Web Store: Do you have a product or service to promote? It doesn’t matter whether you have a physical business, or whether you’re just a homemaker who’s working from home. The key here is to setup a professional website, promote this website via online and offline tools, and update the contents on your website regularly. If you are serious in your web store, the choice of web design company should be an important consideration. Choose a party that is able to do more than just “design a website”, by being to offer you great tips and consultancy on how to improve your website, and facilities for accepting online payment.

Some great websites that you can develop to make money online include:

  • Cakes and Cookies Delivery (either for gifts, or during festive) seasons
  • Specialty Clothes - knitted, name - embroidery
  • Copywriting / editorial services - language translation, freelance writer
Just evaluate your skills and strengths, you're sure to find one that is suitable for the website. The website need not be your individual effort, check around with your other friends, and you'll have a website with various products and services to promote.

Join Affiliate Programs

Have the time, and want to do something online but you have no / limited products to sell? Or, are you starting a website that is mainly for social or non-profit purpose? Consider joining an affiliate program to create revenue streams for your website.
Some affiliate programs also allow those without website to join their programs by simply promoting the products / services via email, or through promoting your own affiliate link (referral number / id). Some will even offer you a free affiliate website, which is not really "your website" as it's main purpose is to sell this Company's products.
Do not attempt to join too many affiliate programs, and overwhelm your website visitors with these affiliate banners. Choose affiliate programs that will appeal to your website visitors, and your friends. Be sure to read the fine print on these affiliate programs in terms of referral fee per transaction, minimum amount accumulation for payout, commission on return customers, and the company background.

Online Trading

Just take a look at the Classifieds website on the Internet, or the Auction websites. From selling your old clothes, to collector items like coins, you'll be amazed by the amount of items available for sale on these websites. These classified and auction websites are similar to our version of "garage sale", just that now you have a global audience who will browse through your merchandise 24 hours a day. Some sites to check include, and Yahoo! Classifieds. Posting of your merchandise on these sites can be free, x dollar per listing, or % per successful sale.

Get Paid to Surf

you have to logon to the website an x number of times daily or download a special browser to their desktop, and read the ads / view the banners. The website company will charge the advertisers and reward the members who complete the quota.
Pitfall: It takes you ages to complete the quota to be eligible for the payout scheme, if you can ever accomplish it. By the time you get your payout, your amount will be deducted of administrative charges (which sometimes can be about 20% of your total payout already). The worst scenario would be to have the website close down before any member receives their payout. One of the most famous website for Get Paid to Surf was All Advantage, which was closed down despite being the fatest growth website in terms of members.
Mutations of this scheme include Get Paid to Receive SMS, Get Paid to Read Emails, and Get Paid to Listening to Online Radio Ads.
However, if you wish to try this out, you should check out the following issues first:

  • How much will you be paid by reading each email?

  • What is your responsibility other than reading emails, e.g. some schemes would require you to click to a website linked within the email?

  • Can a Malaysian participate? Some schemes are restricted to US citizens only.

  • What is the minimum amount of pay-out?

  • How long will it take for you to earn the minimum pay-out? Remember you are incurring charges for your internet access and phone bills for reading the emails.

  • How is payment to be made and any charges? If payment is made by US cheque, then a significant part of it would be eaten by bank charges.

Money Laundering

This is a scheme that have been around for many years, earlier on starting with people receiving letters and faxes, and now becoming more high tech with their email messages. The scheme tells you that the sender (most likely from a country in the African continent) has a large sum of money, seeks your assistance in transferring this amount into your bank account, and if successful, you will be offered a x percentage of this amount. Sounds too good to be true that they have actually identified you for this opportunity?

Pitfall : Many wise businessmen, and young teenagers have been lured into these schemes due to greed, and rumors have it that after following through with the transaction, some have even been killed after traveling to meet the sender, lost a lump sum of money from their bank account, or have their identities stolen for illegal crimes.

Online MLM

Companies who promise you great returns through pyramid schemes, and multi-level schemes. Although without valid local government licenses, their excuses to you would be that for Internet, they are not bound by the local laws. Remember the Malaysia government's commercials on "Get Rich Quick Schemes"? Many have fallen prey to these schemes. These schemes should not be mistaken with the affiliate programs (which you can join for Free, with real products / services). Check through the company background thoroughly, has anyone really received the payout cheque?

Pitfall: If anything was to go wrong, whom can you turn to if the Company is not even registered to any Malaysian office, and the people who've introduced the scheme to you are only Members? If the Online MLM scheme is to be promoted offline, either through business opportunity meetings, physical sales pitches, it is definitely too risky to be participating in these schemes. One of the most famous online MLM scheme to hit Malaysia was (buy online websites, of which most members have never even built)

In summary, there are many ways to make money on the Internet but along the way, you are bound to come across various schemes. The option then, is to evaluate such schemes and make a wise decision before participating.

Make Money from Photos

Submit your photos and get paid every time one of your photos is downloaded. Put your camera to good use and make money today!

Things to Remember:
Image QualityQuality is vital, noisy grainy photos from low-end digital cameras will have limited use. If you want to sell the largest market (both web and print) then you will need good quality, well-lit, sharp, high-resolution images.
Earn Money from Photos

Sell Your Photos with a Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of some of your best work; many people these days have their portfolio online. You could create your own website or pay and upload images to one of several companies who specialize in hosting photographers' portfolios (some also sell the images for you).

Your portfolio should include a personal and creative statement along with detailing how your images can be bought, the equipment you use, and what you specialize in shooting (your favorite subjects). The selection of images your choose should be specially picked to display not just aesthetics but also technical merits.
Pricing your Photos : Be realistic about the price you are aiming at, most everyone has a digital camera these days and if it only took you 10 seconds to snap an image of a computer mouse and keyboard then why would someone pay a fortune for such an image instead of snapping one themselves?

Listing of website from where you can make money from your photos

Make Money Online Without Any Website or Blog with No Investment

Welcome to learn how to make money online without any website or blog with no investment.

If you have reached this article, I am assuming that you are a newbie and are looking for some work from home opportunity to make some good money and that you don't have much idea on how to make money online with without websites or blogs.

Let me start by stating that there are several good ways and ideas to make including: Google Adsense, affiliates programs, selling products on eBay, paid surveys, mystery shopping etc. These are some of the most popular ways to make money online. Unfortunately, they are not easy for a beginner.

Affiliate programs such as Google Adsense requires you to have a website or blog. Since you are a newbie or a beginner, most of you may not be having the knowledge of how to develop a website or a blog and make money with it. There are few tools and resources that allows you to create your own free website and blogs, but you still have to learn the basics and this takes time. For example, you may set up a free blog on blogger, but integrating affiliate marketing programs with these blogs is not easy. You will have to learn it which takes time. You can also earn money by selling products from eBay and Amazon but this too is not easy. You will have to learn how to choose the right products to sell with interesting titles, utilizing drop shippers, and many other tips and tricks. All this takes time to learn.

So, are there any easier ways to make money online without having any websites or learning anything first?

Well, the answer is yes, there are opportunities to earn money online without any website or blog with no investment.

Ghostwriter Jobs

We all know that for any online article "content is king". The rule of thumb for any successful website or blog is its content. Webmasters and bloggers have realized the importance of content of their blogs and websites. Webmaster and bloggers have started hiring ghostwriters ( often misspelled as Ghost Writer) to write good quality contents for them. Here you have the opportunity to earn money. As a ghostwriter you may be asked to write good quality content on various topics including - art, music, academic, blog, medical, religious, political, fiction, non-fiction, product reviews etc.

How much you can earn as a ghostwriter depends on the length and complexity of the article or writing. Most ghostwriters are paid either per page, with a flat fee, or a percentage of the royalties of the sales, or some combination thereof. You can earn money by writing short articles with consists of 250 - 1,000 or as per the webmasters requirements. You can earn around $5 - $10 per article depending on the length and complexity of the article.

Translator Job

You must have come across sites such as and that are used to translate a webpage or text into any desired language. There are millions of websites and blogs online and most of these websites provide their contents in just one language. The latest trend on the internet is to provide contents of a website in more than one language.

Now many webmasters can do this translator job. Here you have the opportunity to make money. If you are fluent in more than one language you can offer service as a translator. Chinese-English translator is the most in demand now because many webmasters are trying to enter the prosperous Chinese market. The current rate for translator services is service is $5 - $12 per article depending on the length and complexity of the article. All you have to do is translate the content into another language.

Google Adsense Ad Placement Can Help You Make More Money

Proper placement of your Google AdSense ads can make or break your success with the Google adsense program. Why is this true? Some studies suggest that eye positioning on website gravitate to particular sections of web pages. And if you don’t have the necessary ads in these positions you will not get the clicks. Certain locations tend to be more successful than others.
The best way to find what exactly works for you is to experiment, experiment and more experiment. Ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page. Guess how ads will behave on different pages, and what will be most useful and visible to them. You'll find that the most optimal ad position isn't always what you expect on certain pages.

Where to Place Google Adsense Ads to Increase Income from Adsense

Show where the best locations for you Google adsense ads. Well, I have found the number one best place for the ads are near or in proximity to your main menu. Why near your main menu. Because you know that visitors eyes will and always look for the menu structure of your website. So the common places for placement should be to the top right, the very top under your menu, or the top left. These are the most common locations for you main menu.

But what about the color scheme of the Google adsense ads? Yes, color is very important. You have to make the ads looks as seamless as possible. You may find that colors that blend with the background completely with font color same as your text and compliments the site perform better, because it seems that ad is the part of the content of the page.

By using these tactics I was able to increase my adsense click through rate significantly depending on traffic level and people's interest.

Take my advice and give it try. I believe you will see a change and hopefully make adsense a more pleasurable experience.
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