Legitimate Online Work From Home Jobs

I am not sure how do you define a legitimate online work from home job, but for me, any online work that I can do from home using my computer and internet connection that can make me money is legitimate.
Which online work from home jobs are not legitimate?Any online work that claims to help you make quick and easy money to make you rich is a quick time if not legitimate. They are scams. Additionally, website or company that offers work from home job but asks for a joining fee cannot be legitimate.

What is legitimate online work from home job?
Legitimate work from home jobs are those that are completely FREE. You don’t have to pay any money for any work from home job. You get paid for whatever work you do.

How to find a legitimate online work from home job?
With so many work from home scams on the internet, it is not at all easy to find real legitimate work from home jobs. I cannot guarantee how legitimate are the websites that claim to be providing such work from home jobs but I can surely share some opportunities and ideas that I personally use to make money from home. This has worked for me and should also work for you. All you need is confidence, some hard work and patience. If you are ready for this, read below.

What are Some Legitimate Work from Home Jobs?

Without making this too long for you, let me directly come to the point . I have three main sources of making money online:
  1. Websites
  2. Blogging
  3. Writing Articles
Websites: I have three personal websites that make good money for me. 2 of them are online and the third one is under construction. Creating websites and adding articles to it is the best legitimate work from home that one can imagine. It needs just little investment on domain registration. If you have no idea about designing a website, you can take few classes on website designing. Create a website, join affiliate programs and put codes for these affiliate programs on you website and earn money.
2. Blogging: This is another option for people who don't have websites or for people who don't want to mess around with creating a website. There are various Blogging platforms that are FREE to join. Join these Blogging sites and start writing posts and display ads and make money.
3. Writing Articles: This is another legitimate work from home jobs to make money online using your computer. So far, I have found Hubpages to be the best. Hubpages is my highest source of online income so far. It is completely free to join and easy to work with.
Apart from above three online work from home jobs, there are several other works that you can do online, but I don't think they are worth investing time, money and energy. These three are more than enough.
I hope you found this article helpful and I wish all the best to you.

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